My name is Christina and my husband is a wonderful and talented man, Chris, http://www.camorris.com . We have three beautiful children, Cameron, Charlie and Coco, and we struggle to be great parents. We thought it would come so naturally, but it hasn’t!

Cameron who was born in 2000 is an exceptional young man. In school he is considered gifted and he can be a wonderful companion. He can also be stubborn and snippy and smart-mouthed. He loves doing crafts and electronic entertainment, much to our dismay. With all that intelligence and talent, we worry he has no healthy direction. Charlie was born in 2005 and adopted by us when he was 19 days old. He is our sensory seeking, dyspraxic, adhd gem. He is smart and funny. He is expressive in ways that surprise us everyday. He is exhausting. Coco was born 7 months later in 2006 and she is a girl. She wanted to play dolls early and still loves them. Although at almost 4 she is obsessed with Barbie and seemingly sexy type dolls. Egads! We are very proud of her drawing and coloring, she’s really good! But watch out if she doesn’t get her way, she is a screamer with a temper. Don’t know where she gets that.

So with these three very strong personalities, Chris and I have ambition to be creative, productive and in love. How are we going to balance all that? They say the examined life and all that. So we examine. Here.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I would like to find out more about Charlie’s experience with Dr. Sams. We, too, have sought treatment with him.

    1. What would you like to know? I feel like it was a positive experience, but our son is still really young. We are enrolling him is school this year, and have hope that it works out okay.
      What has been your experience?

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