Ah, relief.

We are doing better, thanks to me and my ability to control my temper. Damn, if it doesn’t always start with that.

In the meantime, I have been hit, kicked, had my glasses broken and kept my cool. Coco’s room is finally painted, a lovely blue that is known at Sherwin Williams as ‘Celestial‘.  She is very excited about inviting people to play in her room, especially in her make-shift makeup dressing table area. Charlie got 10 smelly stickers at school, which means he got to pick out a model. He chose the USS Arizona. Cameron has started to practice his baritone/euphonium in the basement and it doesn’t sound near as bad as you might think.

After Charlie got his tenth sticker, he started going to the darkside again. I know, they have cookies, but still and all. I found out that he has a new teacher for his pull out literacy class. He has serious misgivings about change. By the end of the week, he pulled out of the spiral and has been better than ever. He even did his homework tonight. And wrote his name. The boy is writing his name. You can even read it. That is new.

Coco has proved that she is full of piss and vinegar. But I have known that for a while. Whatsup with GWA? I try extra hard to give her loads of attention, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough. Isn’t there a song about that? Anyway, she’s quite adorable, even so. And she did her homework, too. I think that was a first.

We have stopped with the extra-curriculars. I was trying to exercise it out of them but it only succeeded in stressing them out. And me, too. I could never get around to making dinner.

Things are chillin’ and the sun will be leaving here soon. I got a month of rain already and I was down. Really down. I am already making plans to visit a sunny clime in the middle of winter.


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