How’s it going?

Well, Charlie and Coco had a fine week in school. Charlie peed on the floor in the kindergarden bathroom, admitted to it and helped clean it up. Nice. And a few days later, Charlie and Coco made fun of a kid on the bus. The bus driver said she had never seen kids so young act so aggressive. Poor kid, Charlie and Coco say he smells like poo.

I have felt especially out of control with them all week. I ask them to do stuff and they laugh maniacally and totally blow me off. I wonder if they are just kids being kids or if one or all of us are just really fucked up.

Coco’s room still smells like smoke. Chris got a new car. It’s really cool and he is really happy.

So yeah, that’s how it’s going.



One thought on “How’s it going?

  1. Yup…You’re all really fucked up, and so am I and the rest of the world…but I’m willing to bet money, time, energy and all other priceless things that you’re not near as fucked up as your neighbor. Even if that neighbor is trying to play like the Beaver Cleaver family and pretend that normal exists and they are it. You and your family FUCKEN ROCK and don’t you forget it or try to be normal EVER!! I love amd miss you all!!!!

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