what a long strange trip it’s been

Wow, so much has changed in the 8 months since I have written a post. I have become a real web developer (see here: chmcreative.com) hence my lack of time for writing, we have moved from Dallas to Cleveland, and all my kids start public school for the first time today.

In all the upheaval, life is still pretty much the same. Cameron even noted it yesterday when we were getting gas. He commented that the move didn’t stress him out and that he didn’t really feel like anything had changed. He seems really happy, generally. I love that about Cameron. We visited his new school and he seemed to be excited. He said that it was the biggest school he has ever gone to. It has the best facilities although I don’t know about it being the biggest.  He thought it was cool, nevertheless. Charlie doesn’t seem to have been adversely affected by anything, he is the same as ever. He loves the river park and wants to go fishing. We haven’t done that yet. They did see deer while on a walk, and he thought that was exceedingly awesome. Coco, however, talks a lot about wanting to go home. That makes me sad but there isn’t much I can do to comfort her. I have been trying to fix up her room, but it still smells like smoke*, so it is less than inspiring. Besides that, it’s hard to take everyone shopping to the fabric store when I don’t know where it is yet.

Hopefully, school will bring playmates and that will help Coco settle in. We were at the park last weekend with Cameron’s fencing club and Coco asked if she could go fill up a squirt gun with another girl her age and an older girl. I said sure. I watched her get behind them, open the cap to the water gun and empty the water out so that she would be like them, with them, a part of the empty squirt gun club. She also wanted to have a play-date with the girl the next day. I think having some girl time would do her good. She and Charlie play well together most of the time, but they are still siblings and like to get under each other’s skin.

I am nervous and excited for Charlie to start school. For Coco and Charlie it’s only half day kindergarten, so it should be okay. Hopefully it will give Charlie a little more time to mature, because, really, that is the biggest issue I have with him right now. I was reading a book called Neurodiversity:  Discovering the Extraordinary Gifts of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Brain Differences by Dr. Thomas Armstrong and I really found his insight about ADHD beneficial. He states that immaturity is one of the mainstays of ADHD and that it may be helpful to be immature or childlike in other aspects of development, particularly creative development. He speculates that the ability to multi-task originates with the inability to sit still. So, I am all for that, if I can only survive the daily raspberries, inattention and ridiculous messes that get created. Coco and Charlie thought it would be really funny to put all the Barbies, clothes and other toys in the floor vent in Coco’s room. It’s on the second floor. Some of the toys have made their way to the first floor. In the vent. Egads. This winter, when we turn on the heat, our house will smell of smoke and melted Barbie.

*The house we are renting has it’s good and bad. Because of the schedule of the movers, we had to take possession of the house before it was ready. So, while it has all new carpet, it wasn’t clean or painted. When we arrived after 20 hours of driving from Dallas, we took Charlie out for his birthday dinner, went to Target and bought him a toy and cleaning supplies and were up till way too late trying to remedy the grossness of the house. The man who lived in Coco’s room was a heavy smoker. The whole house has a smoke smell that is fading, but even after painting her room, the smell lingers there. I noticed it was in the uncovered light switch, so I put the covers back on, but it still assaults me when I walk in the room. It is so unfair to her. She hated the room and was very upset the boys got the interesting room, and she is left with not only uninteresting, but also stinky.


3 thoughts on “what a long strange trip it’s been

  1. Oh, I loved this post! Laugh and cry, right? I feel like we’ve just had a good catch-up conversation. Love you guys, and special kiss for Coco. (Maybe you could paint a design on her wall, just for her?)

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