Update on Charlie and the effects of Neurotherapy

How is Charlie? Wow, what a question. I don’t know that neurotherapy was the answer but I don’t know that it wasn’t. We don’t have anything to compare him to. We started neurotherapy around the same time we started OT two times a week. And he just keeps getting better. We have had to find the right places for him to thrive, like a Montessori school, rather than public, but he does thrive.

I think the neurotherapy did help. I think there was some sort of switch that flipped that gave him something to build on.  After the first day, he was less oppositional. Through the treatment I feel like his understanding got better. Rather than fight in reaction to things immediately, seems to have better comprehension. Things don’t overwhelm him as often.

We are also trying so to meet his needs through OT, karate and school, I think his improvement has been phenomenal since we did the neurotherapy. Before neurotherapy we didn’t feel like he could go to school. None of the schools that we tried would take him because he “didn’t listen.” Even in OT, he would have colossal melt downs when he didn’t do well and didn’t get a treat. Now, we have good days and bad days, but mostly good. He is almost if not actually on target with his age group in his physical capabilities. He gets treats almost every time at OT and when he doesn’t, it’s okay. He is hopefully going to test for his orange belt in the next few weeks. He came home from school asking if he could stay after for Spanish and Art classes. All of these things are what we wanted for him but weren’t sure we could or would achieve last year. We actually went to a restaurant last week and everyone (read parents) stayed happy the whole time. That has never happened before.

We still haven’t seen much improvement in is academic skills. He has started to do some math when we talk about numbers at the dinner table. He can read signage when we are driving around, like McDonald’s and Target. Some others, too, that aren’t as obvious. He has a remarkable and surprising sense of direction and even knows which neighborhood we are in whether we are going to some one’s house or just driving by.

Does he listen? Mostly. Does he still try to push our buttons? Yes. Does have a short attention span? Yes. Does he frustrate us, still? Yes. Has he accomplished what we were wanting and become part of a group? Yes. Can we go over to friend’s houses and not worry? Yes. Does he ask that we see his accomplishments because he has them and he is proud of himself? Yes. Could this all be a matter of maturity? Yes. Do I really think it is? No. I thank Dr. Sams for giving us something to build on.


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