Worried for nothing!

Have I mentioned that my kids RAWK!?!

First, Cameron is such a great kid. He has been happy although we are working on happy-ing the surly out of him, but only has surly in a ten-year old way. He is happy at school, helpful in a ten-year old way, funny and cooperative. I love being around him and listening to his ideas. Recently, his school had a business day where the kids get to spend the scholar dollars they receive for being good in class. They can also sell stuff on business day to earn more scholar dollars.For this past business day, the teachers requested that the items sold had a Thanksgiving theme. This is what Cameron came up with:

Second, Charlie is doing GREAT in school. He does work, he wants to stay late. The class says goodbye to him when he leaves and if they don’t he asks them to. He is becoming part of something on his own. Part of a group. Step one! I am so happy for him! We talked about a play date with Carlos, who is in Charlie’s karate class and I worried, “Can I let him go on a playdate? Will he be okay?” and then thought, “I will have to try, and he’s better now that ever before.” He went to a social skills camp over the weekend. Although I haven’t received the report, I know they worked on recognizing social cues by reading faces because he brought home a coloring sheet. He had a great time. He’s a real boy!

Coco is a girly, stubborn, funny and an amazing artist. Her skills are fascinating as she draws on emotion and perspective in her drawing and at such a young age. Yesterday, she made a shark book:

Where the shark gives the girl X X for eyes
Where the shark brings the mermaid flowers, even though she appears to be dead.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful (insert hair flip here), hate me because my kids are so cool!


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