New Start

Well, that school didn’t last long. Thankfully I got a video feed from the school and realized that they had no plan for Charlie from 12 to 2 or even later. They expected him to nap. He’s FIVE people, FIVE.  They were more of a day care without the staff to take care of him. Out he goes.

So a couple of things I read, this about a family that got rid of their adopted daughter because she was so out of control due to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder  (FASD) and this about a boy who was so unhappily ADHD that he tried to commit suicide. He was 12. And I heard that two friends of friends have lost their children to suicide in the past this week, one 25 one 12. What is up with that?

After reading and hearing all of this, I feel like the best thing you can do for your kid is to make sure they are happy. Not that they have all the toys in the world happy, or chocolate for breakfast happy, but that they are happy inside. I don’t know if there is a recipe for happiness, but I think you have to begin by listening to your kids. Really hearing them and using that to make a connection. I am not even all that great at it, but it’s part of being in the moment. With them. So they know they aren’t alone. I guess that is what we all want, really.

“Untitled” photo by Maria Tasula


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