Still sensing madness

I have decided that ADHD is only a state of mind. Sure, Charlie has a short attention span with the things he does not enjoy, but Coco just acts like she hasn’t heard a thing you have said if it isn’t something she wants to do. The hardest part of having kids is just having more than one and knowing that they will gang up on you and kick your ass.

I have noticed that Charlie is recognizing letters, logos, and numbers and while he may have a harder time with some of it, he doesn’t have a hard time at all with animals and science. He knows he will have to learn to read, and acts like it bums him out, but he seems to be accepting it. Coco is still gangbusters with the drawing and writing, but she couldn’t give a hoot about the science of anything. She just wants to play Barbies, and much to my dismay, make Barbie and Horatio Broadnax (aka Ken) hug and kiss. The things they like to do together are burp loudly, talk about poo, and giggle wildly while ignoring me. Ah!  Did I mention I hate poo jokes?

Cameron, on the other hand is pretty close to perfect unless he is shopping or sulking about the injustice done to him, like not getting to play with a friend or putting up with his brother and sister or not getting to choose what is for dinner. Did I mention that he also has a flair for the dramatic? “This is the WORST. DAY. EVER.” Other than that, really, perfection.

We keep having such good days. I get astonished these days when I remember how hard is has been, how much I didn’t want to wake up.

God, I love these kids so much.  They are my heart and my soul. They are the reason I get up everyday. They are the reason I smile. They are the reason I worry. They are the reason I laugh. I am so lucky. They are worth all the poo jokes in the world. I can’t believe I just said that.


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