Back and forth

We are having a lot of back and forth as the result of Charlie’s treatments. I think they helped overall, but, really, who knows. For instance, he seems less dramatic and out of control with his tantrums, but he still has them and when he does, he is destructive, less so, but still. He will throw things, break things and generally ‘fit’ out. However, he usually recovers, if given enough space and does what you want him to do. This morning, he wanted to play with the DS but I told him he would have to practice his letters first. He had a fit, threw the remote and some toys and eventually I persuaded him to trace M and S with his finger. Yes, we did a modification, it wasn’t written, but it was a practice at recognition. Still, I thought, fair. And he seemed to enjoy it. While tracing the ‘M’ in the example, there was cheese at the bottom of the first line and the last and he pretended he was the mouse, it was a maze, and he sounded out the ‘m’ sounds. He even cleaned up the toys and remote before playing DS. Chalk one up for better.

This afternoon, he was playing reading eggs online, a reading curriculum he seems to enjoy, but even after all the practice, couldn’t recognize the letters after they were put into words. Not even “I”. As in ‘I am Sam’. He did well when the choosing the ‘am’ vs ‘im’ or ‘I’ vs ‘K’ , so it confuses me why he doesn’t get it. Needless to say, we didn’t finish that little game and he looked awful down about it. I was torn between wanting to test him and just finishing it myself so that he could move on. Tomorrow, when we go back to the curriculum, we will have to start at the same spot and I am not convinced it will be appealing to him, he certainly did get frustrated with it.  I worry that he will be bored by the repetition before the information gets into his brain. Is this part of a learning difference, or just the ADHD? Chalk one up for not so much.


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