Counting to Ten

I have been crazy wrestling with Charlie’s education next year. He isn’t ready for kindergarten, there really isn’t one in DISD I would want to send him to and even the preschools around town I fear would make him either have a bad experience or learn how to skate. None of these options would be helpful for him.

So I made the appointment for St Anthony’s School which is a school for kids with special needs. I also think we need to start following the more structured approach that CHADD espouses. Yes, he is doing better, he isn’t as oppositional, but he still needs help.

That means, some school time at home, and more structure and the reward/bribery system.

So, last night, Charlie wanted to play a game and  I said only after you count to 10 with me. He himmed and hawed and told me how bored he would be then, then, he did it. It took a few times to count all the way to 10 correctly, but he did it. Then, before he started playing he said, “thank you mommy for helping me learn that.”

If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is. He wants it, but he can’t do it on his own like other kids. It’s as if Coco and Cameron just learned that stuff by osmosis. Not Charlie. He knows lots of other stuff though.

Coco and Charlie were playing a game called Castle Logic and there are blocks to stack and dowels to place in the holes in the blocks. Charlie knew how to arrange the dowels, but had a hard time with the blocks. Coco could arrange the blocks but had the hardest time with the dowels. Funny. Not funny haha, but funny interesting.


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