I am so upset about Charlie’s meeting today with the director of  Cameron’s school. It was so depressing. She said he would get half way done with a piece of work then get bored. She said he seemed to like the work, but got distracted and also a little oppositional. It’s the constant need to feel in control for him, I guess. She really had no suggestions besides no public school. She said he needs to be in class with 5 kids, not 25. I think there’s a school in McKinney. Maybe now is the time for that. I don’t know if I trust the corporate schools or the church schools. He is so hard.

I feel like the butt of a joke. Like it won’t get better. Like he will never make it. I know we aren’t finished with Dr Sams, and maybe that he will improve, but I want more. What if this is all? What am I gonna do with that? How will he survive? I don’t want to push him, but without it, I fear he will never move on.  What if neurofeedback won’t fix it. What if he IS broken? I have felt like crying all freaking day!



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