2 steps forward

Ok, with all the illness and company, I really feel like we have lost some ground with Charlie’s treatment. He has been in timeout, he didn’t get a treat with Ms Diane in OT, and he has generally been a frustration. You ask him to do one thing, he does the opposite. He has been threatening us, we have been threatening him.  It’s a vicious cycle. I know, the term is worn, but so am I.

I saw a little improvement the first day of treatment, Tues, but not much since then. Last night was just OK, so my fingers are crossed for the soccer game today.

I really would like to find a way to ‘exercise’ him in the morning. I think that would do wonders. The pool will be open soon and I think that will make all the difference in the world. Still, an early am excercise class for little boys? Perhaps I could market it….


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