Sensing madness

Why is this blog called sensing madness? Because we are always one step away from chaos. When we had one kid it was calm and easy. As you parents of more than one child know, your madness meter goes off when you have two. People who have three? Four? More than that? You know, you face the madness daily. You have to plan, you have to have a seventh sense, you know above and beyond the intuition.

Chris accepted a job in Chicago. That means we are moving. We are stepping closer to the chaos. AAAK! Six weeks or so to figure out schools, neighborhoods, and pack it all up. Chaos. Madness. Adventure!


One thought on “Sensing madness

  1. You have a wonderful attitude. I am going to miss you so much! We are really going to have to try to make the most of your time here, and then plan to keep up weekly, through phone, email and blog. Of course, there will be visits, also…how soon can I come?
    Congratulations you and Chris. Remeber that no matter where you are, I’ll still be around.

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