More about Dr Sams

OK, I have talked about the progress that Charlie has made but I don’t know if I have talked about the routine we are getting into at the Sams Center and how well I think, I hope it is going on their end.

Although I don’t think it is customary in their office, Sarah has taken over Charlie’s case.  She seems to get the best from him, know when she is pushing too hard, when to pull back and when it’s important to press on through his protests. She is getting to know him and I really appreciate that. She said she had taken Charlie as a personal case. And to think the first time I met her I was so freaked out. Charlie seems to really like Dr Sams now as well, as long as he doesn’t come near him with the “buzzy bee”. He even likes to take his model ships to show Dr Sams because Dr Sams was in the navy.

I wish we would have been more prepared as the parents of a 4 year old. I don’t know how much difference it would have made in the trauma of our first visit. I don’t think that 4 year olds are the standard age patient, I see many adults in the office, (even a monk!) and even kids, but none as young as Charlie. Thankfully, things have calmed as we are progressing. They have made their approach to Charlie fit Charlie, and I think that gives us all a better attitude and a greater chance of success.


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