Another good day at OT

Diane had another good day with Charlie in OT. She mentioned that one of the things that struck her besides the lack of opposition was the lack of violent stories. They were just stories now, not about killing, maiming, bleeding and all around destroying. I hadn’t noticed but when I mentioned it to Chris he said he thought that might be true, too. His stories that veered to the violent always have creeped me out. I wondered more than once and out loud about his propensity toward becoming a serial killer.

His day at Dr Sams apparently wasn’t so good. Sarah wanted a full cap and he only allowed her to gel up two. Cameron and his friend Conner went to try to get him excited and tell him that he was cool for doing all of it, but it didn’t really work. He seems pretty sketchy about all of it lately – whiney and tearful and anxious. I am unsure about how to make it easier for him to comply. I want so much for him to complete the treatment and the quicker the better. I don’t want to lose ground, I don’t want to wait, I want him better.

I was actually surprised that he did so well with Diane. At home his behavior seems pretty irritating. He has scratched me a few times in the last few days. He walked across the street yesterday while I was calling him to come in. He is refusing to eat healthy food and his poop is pudding. YECH! I don’t know if he is still feeling bad from the stomach flu that he had but whatever it is, it is not pleasant. I have to remind myself that all of this is a process and he will still be a four-year old at the end of it. Some of his behavior has to be habit, and it may take time to get him out of his reactions. Maybe it’s just a bad week. Coco has been a little needy, too. Maybe it is the stomach flu. I should try to be more patient.

On a good side, yesterday we had lots of kids over playing and they all kept coming in complaining about Charlie. He’s throwing this, he’s kicking that. I got him in, told him that if anyone else complained they would all have to go home, and there were no more complaints. I don’t know how well that would have worked a month ago. He IS showing signs of control.


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