Yea! Levels are going down!

This week at neurotherapy rocked! I am so pleased!

Sarah explained to me today that they were looking for brain wave levels that were in the negative and this week they started seeing them. I was worried that even though we were seeing improvements in Charlie’s behavior, it wasn’t matching with the results they were seeing (from the EEGs).  I just had to have patience and – today, ta da!

I am so grateful. This has been hard, weird, and uncomfortable for Charlie, but he keeps working at it (at our insistence.) And we are all seeing the same results: me, my husband and my brother(s) in-law…everyone who has regular contact with Charlie. I have been so impressed with this process. It has been quicker than I expected and I am really optimistic that at the end of it, Charlie will be a normal, creative kid.

It’s funny, I went to my last CHAD class this week and I felt like some of the other parents thought I was crazy when I said I thought I may not have to deal with ADHD forever. But it’s true, I think it will be something we can put behind us. He may have other issues, but that impulsive, crazy, out of control Charlie won’t be part of the picture.


One thought on “Yea! Levels are going down!

  1. I am so happy for all of you! You are strong, honest and patient, and I am so glad that you and Charlie found each other! One day at a time and all, but for now CONGRATULATIONS to all!

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