Not as Oppositional

So far, he has had 7 sessions. He is getting more comfortable with the process, but still doesn’t *like* it. The doctors at the Sams Center say his levels are still higher in some areas, but noticed yesterday for the first time some decline. I don’t think they are liking the results yet, but they are happy that they are seeing some changes. Still, I have some concerns. I don’t really know how it works, but I feel their uneasiness. I hope that they will get his brain wave levels where they want but I have that horrible nagging that says it isn’t going to work and they say, “We’re sorry, blah, blah…” Still, if this is the best they can do, I would be okay. I want more improvement, but it is better.

It makes me cautiously happy that he seems more aware and has more understanding.  I hear stories about the kids that end up on ADHD medication and they sound like what I am hoping to see more of in Charlie. He isn’t as oppositional. I keep trying to have understanding of what it is like to be inside his head. If you aren’t sure what people are saying, you might feel more defensive. Now that he seems to have more awareness, he doesn’t push back as much. He says “okay,” and moves on. Not something we ever expect from him. I hear that from parents who are using medication, too.

Charlie with full cap and goggles
Charlie with full cap and goggles

Poor Coco, she wants to do it, too! She tells me she wants to be a scientist. So funny! I have no idea how that will play out. I would like for all of us to do it after Charlie is done! I am up for improvement.


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