Charlie is getting better

Charlie is getting better. It’s subtle. But better.

Last weekend, after about 4 sessions, Uncle Bert said, “he only ran away from me once.”  He broke a mylar balloon at Holly’s house and nothing else. Usually, he breaks a myriad of toys and we hear it downstairs. That didn’t happen.

Last week, at occupational therapy with Ms. Diane, she asked how many sessions he had because he got a treat both days last week. He almost never gets a treat both days.

Shannon the babysitter says she thought he was listening better.  Geoff thinks he is listening better.

This week Diane said, “He seems to be working with you rather than against you. Enjoying more.”

Right now we are at OT and he is squealing with delight and having a great time and honestly, so is Diane. She is making funny sounds and is very animated. Usually she is animated in giving direction not in playing.

I think he is processing better. He seems to have a better understanding. He doesn’t seem to be as active. Still, he is very active, but his activities are not as out of control. Except with the dog, but not as bad with everything else. He is actually playing the DS. I don’t think he ever understood it until now. That is a change. I don’t know that he really tried until now, but with any other electronic games, he didn’t seem to have very much patience.

It is by no means perfect. Sunday, he spit water on me from the bath. It was very irritating. He was just plain irritating Sunday. But to be fair, it was rainy and gross and we didn’t get much excercise.  I think it’s been enough improvement to keep going and to keep faith that this will work and I won’t have to drug my kid.


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