Over protective?

I have always been overprotective about Cameron and his friends. I want them to LOVE him, like I do. This is probably not a big deal but…

Cameron seems to not get invited to parties and playdates, and I don’t know if it’s him or because the parents don’t like me or what. Today is a snow day. His friend Conner invited him over but has been quick to point out that he is going to Henry’s birthday party at 4. Cameron wasn’t invited. Did Henry come to Cameron’s birthday party? Sure. Do I let them play? Cameron has been invited to one party ALL YEAR! And he had strep throat and couldn’t go. Urgh!

On one side, Cameron is going to have to realize that he won’t get invited to everybody’s everything. On the other side, I would like for him to learn this lesson once he has been invited to somebody’s something. It seems like in our old hood, there are lots of kids that know Cam, but none call or think of him besides Conner. And even at his new school, he has no after school contact. What is up with that? When we call to ask if they want to play, they say yes sometimes, but never call him. Is it just thoughtless on the part of the other parents or it is us?


Chris and I decided that the best thing we could do was to talk with him. We wanted him to know that he wasn’t invited, but it was probably only that the family could only take so many people, and that it didn’t mean they didn’t like him, or any of that. He didn’t even care. My plan is to take him to the movie that they saw for the birthday party sometime very soon.


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