It has a name

So for the past year and a half we have gone on the assumption that Charlie has Sensory Integration Disorder and dyspraxia. It is so strange to deal with a disorder that has so little general knowledge. Most people don’t really understand it. I have found this video is an extremely good and simple explanation:

Last week we got the results back from a neuropsychologist, and the result is (drum roll please) ADHD.

One of the most common disorders around. And possibly a way to get help. So far we have registered for an ADHD parenting class with CHADD. We have possibly secured a tutor to help prepare Charlie for preschool and kindergarten. Doesn’t that sound strange? We have discovered that private school is way too costly.

Now, after the initial knowledge sinks in, we are where we have always been. It’s just a name. We are hopeful we can help, but it is still just a name.


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